Monday, May 4, 2009

Corinthians Celebrate Title With Immolation

Sunday saw Corinthians celebrate its thirty-first state title, the Paulista. Corinthians clinched the title with a 1-1 draw with Santos. After the game a celebration occurred on field replete with fireworks and confetti, large amounts of both combined to great effect.

Unfortunately, nobody in Brazil, save for Ronaldo seemed to realize the potential dangers involving flammable streamers and fire. (I realize I am treading on thin ice for some asshats out there who may think this is a racist statement, but I assure you it's just exaggeration and sarcasm [looks askance], there are at least two people in Brazil with this knowledge and Pele is not one of them.)

Ronaldo, the Original, was on the field as Corinthians club captain William accepted the trophy on a scissor lift as the confetti rained down. The streamers caught fire and appeared to light the captain on fire. Update: Thankfully, it does not appear anybody was hurt, which makes this easier to laugh at. Said Ronaldo:

It was obvious that it was going to catch fire," he told a news conference. "They should have thought of something better.

"William could have been burned and, instead of celebrating, we could now be visiting him in hospital."

"I lament the disorganisation," added Ronaldo, who was surrounded by reporters and cameramen as the final whistle went.

Ronaldo's common sense could come in handy when he got into the he/she kerfluffle a while back. Although Ronaldo missed out on the immolation, he suffered again through an attack of microphones.

[H/T ONTD Football]


The NY Kid said...

That's racist!

EbullientFatalist said...

I lament the disorganisationRonaldo says the same thing at buffet line.

Keith said...

No "South American Football is Crazy" tag?