Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu Infects The Copa Libertadores

Perhaps swine flu H1N1 has jumped the shark now as soccer players are threatening to infect other soccer players with the virus. Hector Reynoso, Chivas defender, may have been the shark jumper during a Copa Libertadores match against Chilean side Everton.

During a handbags session, Reynoso approached Everton defender Sebastian Penco and appeared to spit and then cough at Penco. Reynoso then blew two snot rockets at Penco. Humorou but perhaps not the best thing to do when your country is the epicenter of the Swine Flu outbreak and 15 people have died in Mexico. Mexican clubs are playing before empty stadiums because of the hysteria.

Reynoso has since apologized and suspended indefinitely.

Video of the incident after the jump, which is quite impressive in several regards including the mullettude and the way the players treat the ref.

Note: I realize Mexico isn't South America but the Copa Libertadores is the South American tournament, which is why it gets the beloved "South American Soccer is Crazy" tag. However, shouldn't Mexico be South America? It is south of America.


Nathaniel said...

Human Being of the Year:

Hector Reynoso

Precious Roy said...

Ah Reynoso... ha ha, charade you are.