Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer is Here, Woodgate Tips Spurs to Crack Top Four [next year]

The annual summer speculation that THIS will indeed be the year Spurs finally breach the Top Four has begun a bit early. The studly Jonathan Woodgate is the first to broach the topic in 2009, some 3.5 months ahead of next season's opener. With current form that would have Tottenham in the 5th position if the campaign had not begun until New Year's... and at least a few new "established" players set jump on the Harry bandwagon before 2009-10 kicks off, I'd have to say he won't be the last either.

Quoteth Woody:

"I want to finish as far as we can up the league," Woodgate said. "The aim is always to get in the top four and the Champions League... We'll see how we do. It's going to be a better team next year, you can see how the team has changed under the manager we have now."
Sounds good to me.


Keith said...

Woodgate does know that 'Arry's off the second that Man City dumps Sparky and offers him much, much more money, right?

JT said...

Spurs in 5th at season's end is as likely as LFC being in 1st at season's end.

This is something that makes me really, really sad.

The Likely Lad said...

no, this TOOOOTALLY the year.


Precious Roy said...

Woodgate does know that all of United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are going to be back playing the EPL next season, right? Or can he just not count to five?

Whizalen said...

PR - Woodgate knows he's playing for Spurs, right?

Precious Roy said...

Or D) All of the above?

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

Woody has no idea what he's talking about. There's no way Everton gets past Arsenal for 5th next year, let alone Aston Villa for 4th.

Word Verification: demon. Shit, I think the system knows I'm a Manchester United fan.