Friday, May 8, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Walcott Not Getting Out of Cape Cod (or the Emirates)

Theo Walcott signs a new deal. Still can't run at people.

No specifics. Just says "improved terms" and "long term."


Whizalen said...

soccernet is claiming four-years at 60,000 pounds/week (too lazy to figure out pound sign). disclaimer: we're talking about soccernet here.

RVP's signing a new deal, Cesc is staying, Adebayor is "staying." Is Eboue going to be our big off-season transfer saga?

Precious Roy said...

£- option+3 on a Mac.

Yeah, I saw two reports that had two slightly different values so I left it as unspecified.

I don't believe Adebayor is staying. The biggest game of the season and he starts talking about his affinity for Meelan again. And I think he'll play every minute of every remaining game in hopes that he goes on a scoring tear that increases his transfer value.

Sarah said...

That song does get stuck in my head.

And I'm so not looking forward to the summer simply because I hate transfer season. Glad Theo's staying.

Spectator said...

I agree with PR... I think Ade is gone to Spain or Italy this summer. I'm fine with that, especially if it finances some badly needed strength to defense and central midfield.

Whizalen said...

I would not lose sleep if Ade left and fully expect him to flee this summer - I think Arsene held him up for some Somali-pirate esque ransom last summer.

I'm a big Eduardo fan and would like to see him starting every game. At least off the phsyio's table for a stretch. Bendtner WILL get better - I have a lot of faith in the Dane - Vela, move Theo up, Simpson.

So lets sell him for 40mil+ and buy a couple experienced players. Three signings this summer plus the return of Senderos and maybe we keep Gallas (haven't decided if we should keep him or not). Them my thoughts

Precious Roy said...

Sarah think of it this way: Is there anyone Arsenal simply can't afford to lose?

Sagna? Cesc? Pretty sure those guys are staying. They've got depth at striker, so the club can take a loss there, and depth at midfield, although it's very mediocre in spots so it's less critical if anyone goes (Song, Denilson... like they even have better offers). So almost anyone of note the Gunners bring in is going to be way more important that who goes out.

Precious Roy said...

Once Gallas lost the armband he was exceptional. Want him back.

Don't think Arsene will get £40 for Ade. Think that's one of his weaknesses is that he doesn't maximize outgoing player value. Shit, he only held up Barca for like £16 for Thierry Freakin' Henry.

Whizalen said...

PR -- same feelings I have for Gallas. He never was a captain and lost his focus because of it.

I pulled 40 out of my ass although in the past few markets...I just don't see a lot of "top quality" strikers out there this summer beyond Benezema (who has his own laziness/not showing up for big matches issues) and Villa. Could have a bidding war and maybe Arsene holds him ransom again - this summer, I don't think our spending will be as affected by out incoming money. Arsene knows we're lacking and needs to buy some players.

re: 16mil for Titi...I think he was so desperate to leave London and get away from his ex (retrospectively a bad decision for him personally) that he agreed to a: purchase a condo in the new Highbury development and b: never return to the premier league if Arsene would just agree to a deal. I expect him to stay relevant for WC2010 and then fuck off to MLS after intl retirement (come on FIRE as I'll probably be back in Chicago by then).

Sarah said...

@PR: That's true, but the will-he-or-won't-he-sign transfer soap operas aren't any less frustrating than the who's leaving ones. Remember the Arshavin saga? Headache.