Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Arsene: Our Strikers are Idiots

Ade and Little Nicky discuss their scoring prowess.

Having locked up 4th place (and the corresponding Champions League spot for next year) this past weekend, Arsenal turn their focus to this year's Champions League. Their match today against ManUre (more on this later today) is clearly the most important match of their season with respect to their own ambitions. Down 1-0 after the trip to Old Trafford, the Gunners come into the match today essentially wanting a 2-0 victory. Thus, it is the perfect time for 2 idiot strikers to speak up.

Ahead of such an important match you would think that the Arsenal players would want as little distraction as possible. So what did Ade and Bendtner do? They opened their fat mouths.

For his part, Adebayor has let everyone know that he was very close to signing with the Rossoneri last season, and still maintains contact with club vice-president Adriano Galliani. Even better, considering today's competition, was this statement:

"[AC Milan] have won the Champions League on seven occasions whereas Arsenal have never won it."

Thanks for pointing that out! Not that we're playing a CL semi-final match today or anything.

Little Nicky Bendtner, on the other hand, is still at it trying to convince everyone that he is capable of becoming one of the best strikers in the world. His ego was once again unfortunately inflated due to bringing his season tally to 14 goals in all competitions with the 3-0 victory over Pompey this weekend. Yes, Nicklas, we are aware that you score ugly goals in matches that are of little importance against shite competition. Congratulations. Unfortunately, this is far more common:

As our own Precious Roy noted, consider this post null and void if either/both score a brace and bring us to Rome.


Magnakai Haaskivi said...

Today's lineups are out; Park's starting over Tevez/Berbatov on the left. Is that a response to Walcott?


machine gooner funk said...

cmon the arsenal