Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Anyone Seen ü75?

Well, you get me tonight because it seems that ü75's computer isn't working! And when you're done looking for ü75, did anyone see any goals today? Phew!

Man U might be facing steep problems down the road [Daily Mail]
Player loses shorts on pitch, and other guy checks him out (NSFW) [Off the Post]
Hull's decline [Avoiding the Drop]

Scorpion kick, used for good [The Beautiful Game]
Deleted scene from last week's The Office [The Offside Rules]
The wankers in black are alright sometimes: Bulgarian linesman saves player's life as he swallowed his tongue during game [Guardian]
Fredy Montero will not be charged by the Seattle Police [Sounders Insider]

And finally, some Scottish news for ü75, wherever he may be!!...

Eoin Jess, 38-year-old former Aberdeen player (cohort of Dean Windass), had a stroke [Scotsman]
George Burley is backing away from being the bad guy in banning Rangers pair [Guardian]
Football banning orders routinely are evaded [Scotsman]


Mike Georger said...

Great Shatner's Ghost!

I was spending my evening as I normally do, watching Liverpool videos on youtube, and I came across one that is a collection of banners. Everyone on here will enjoy the one at a minute thirty. Better even that it's in black and white.

Spectator said...

@Georger: Hehehehe... Crude but effective! Oh, and I especially like the Pete Wylie tune that goes along with the vid.

EbullientFatalist said...

The ManU post is on-point. In this financial climate, massive debt coupled with a lack of solvency equals a cloudy future. (Is that comprehensible? I just read the WSJ, and threw out terms I thought made sense.)

The post beneath it, about Essien, is even better. If I'm building a team, I take Essien before anyone else. Lampard doesn't score those two goals yesterday without Essien on the pitch.