Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Don't tread

Whose goal was better? [ONTD]
Other looks at Hillsborough, 20 years on [The Big Lead] and [Avoiding the Drop]
The Onion has a laugh, as usual [Run of Play]
Is Uncle Avram going to take over for Guus? [The Beautiful Game]

This is, at best, tangentially related to our mission here, but hey, female streaker [The Spoiler]
Even across the pond they are gleeful at the impending end of Tommy Smyth on ESPN [Guardian]
Xabi=Eeyore [Guardian]
New Power Rankings from [The Offside]

7 footie related rap videos. What could be better? [The Best Eleven]


GeneralGametime said...

Wow, I just had a "Cricket and Boobs" flashback. Whatever happened to that site? It was awesome.

ü75 said...

It lives. Check out "UF Writers Elsewhere" on the sidebar.

Word verification: codesWhat are they trying to tell me?

Mike Georger said...

The BBC's coverage has been phenomenal. They have videos up from today's memorial service at Anfield, the rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone is absolutely bone chilling. Of course there was still a lot of anger, government speakers were heckled for the lack of punishment.

I suggest looking at the picture gallery over there. The one of the little boy with the red rose is heart breaking.

EbullientFatalist said...

Georger, I never knew you had a heart.

But yeah, the tributes yesterday were all well considered and thoughtful.