Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Backpasses: How poor are they?

We're awaiting a C&D any day now. Net Result goes after Twitterers [EPL Talk]
Robbie Keane rushed into buying a new house on his return to Tottenham. Oops [ONTD]
Red Star Belgrade players are so poor. . . [The Beautiful Game]
A look at UEFA's Elite Stadia [BSM] and [The Offside]

WAG-to-be bans WAGs from her wedding [Wales Online]
Watch out for flying beers [Off The Post]
Amr Zaki has returned and he is ready to party [Mirror]
Post-match interview with Deuce. Sadly claims to be retired from rapping [Sky Sports]
Hollywod United come to NYC, given star treatment in NYT [Goal blog]

DC-area United fans, you should probably get in on this. A march to keep DCU in DC [Big Soccer]


Magnakai Haaskivi said...

I like that the Robbie Keane article refers to him as an "ex-Liverpool star" and not "Tottenham star". Six months at Anfield > a whole career at White Hart Lane.

EbullientFatalist said...

@ Mag: Ha! I noticed that too.

Here's also to Deuce, saying "Cheers, mate!" in a faux-English accent at the end of the interview. Not sure if it was sincere or vaguely snarky. You can take the guy outta Nacogdoches . . .

ü75 said...

I liked that too. It reminded me of what I had seen later in the day.

Tiger Woods, after gritting his teeth through a post-round question about his knee, gets set to walk off. Whoever the guy is that interviewed him thanks him rather formally and in a hushed tone, to which Woods says "Later Dude". I laughed.