Monday, April 13, 2009

Coach Fucks Peace Efforts

Now come on Bigus. Is there any need for that kind of language in the header?

Actually there is. This story is about Brazilian coach Argel Fucks and his Caxias side's derby game against Juventude. A game preceded by a campaign to promote peace between rival supporters but ended up with three players and both coaches sent off.

Ok. So before this game, rival supporters groups, police and club officials all took part in a 'fraternity breakfast' to promote and endorse a peaceful event. Pity that the coaches and their players had other ideas.

Let's take a look at the video shall we?

It all started when Juventude gaffer Gimar Iser ran onto the pitch in his white shirt and jeans combo to protest that his side didn't receive a penalty? Or was it another decision, he seems to be pointing the other way. Who knows.

Anyway, Isers dismissal was followed immediately by Fucks as he seems to appeal Isers on pitch appeal! Not sure what's going on but Fucks was restrained by riot police and removed from the stadium. No, really!

Argel Fucks himself with a tantrum.


Let's move on. Next some fella gets a red (4:19 in) for sliding in on another fella. Looked like he got the ball to me. Nowt wrong with that at all. Oh wait, a replay at 4:28 shows the offender slide through as if he was being blocked from a free taco giveaway. Off you go son.

At 4:47 a Caxias player gets a second yellow for leaving his foot in. Early bath fella. Off you go.

Then a gem (5:18), a long ball is launched over the Juventude defence and Caxia's forward Julio Madureira latches on, allows it to bounce and lobs the keeper with his left peg. What a beauty. Madureira is so shocked at his own effort that his disbelief interrupts his samba dancing routine and drags him to his knees for a head holding session. It was so good they show it 5 more times. Enjoy.

Done? Ok, let's move on.

The last eventful moment of this game appears at 6 mins and 11 seconds in, the Juventude right back decides to use his arm to stop the ball dropping in behind him. Off you go son. That'll be the third red.

Well, I don't speak Portuguese or know any of the players so I suppose the above will just have to do won't it? If anyone can understand WTF is going on and explain the fracas involving our mate Argel Fucks, leave a comment below or email me using the addy up to the right over there at the top.

Argel Fucks. That's just a great football name. Nearly as good as Chiqui Arce , Dusty Fouser, Pedro Power, Wayne Wanklyn and Danger Fourpence.



Eladio said...

From Fucks' wikipedia page:

Some of Fucks' fame stems from his surname which is identical to both the plural noun form and to the (singular third-person) present indicative verb form of the vulgar English word "fuck". This has led to a variety of double entendre headlines including one from titled "Fucks off to Benfica" [2]. This headline received press coverage itself with The Register calling it "snappy and eye-catching"[2] and football humour site Laugh FC deeming it "one of the all time greats"[3].

EbullientFatalist said...

SOME of his fame stems from his surname?