Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Merseyside respect

This is how you celebrate a goal, if you want to go to jail [ONTD]
Could Portland lose their MLS bid? [The 24th Minute]
If not, then why is Montreal money-man still working on bid? [Match Fit USA]
Little Roo to be birthed early, as not to be inconvenient [Off The Post]

Klinsi did not appreciate this photoshop [The Sun]
Whoa, Mark Viduka is still in the league? [BBC]
Pires enjoyed coming back to North London. Except for the game part [Arsenal]
For some reason, Italian officials did not want the Beckhams to buy and update a castle [Luxist]

Who knew Cruz was a fan of Gram Parsons? [Kickette]

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