Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Wanna Be Like... Mike Jankel.

Getting old sucks. Getting old brings aches and pains, unpleasant ailments... Your kids sod off to other countries to marry American chicks, have kids and write soccer blogs...Daaaaad. Get off the computer..NOW!

Who wants to get old? Not me. Unless I can be like Jankel Schor. A Russian immigrant living in Brazil. And when in Rome, er Brazil, do as the natives. Jankel is a keepy uppy king, oh yeah, he is also EIGHTY TWO!

After the jump a cool Sky News video of Jankel doing his thing.

Jankel entertains crowds at the Maracana stadium in Rio. Well, I'll shut up now. Watch the video.

Now that's pretty cool eh? I hope I'm still enjoying a kick about at his age. By the way Bigus has a keepy uppy total of 43. UF collectively has no more than 200. The Fans Attic has game and Spectator, nowt but shame.

Jankel>>UF. Maybe he should write a blog.


Source World Cup Blog Top stuff!


The Fan's Attic said...


jjf3 said...

at this point, I'll be happy to be alive at 82, much less have any displayable talent beyond drooling...

Bigus Dickus said...

drooling? I'd settle for dribbling.