Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Arsenal v. Villareal Match Preview

Not the injury keeping Marcos Senna out of the match.

There really isn't any chance today's tilt at Emirates can muster the magnificence of yesterday's all English tilt since there is no potential comeback for the ages at stake, but we could certainly see plenty of goals. Although, writing this will likely guarantee a dull 0-0 draw that sees Arsenal through to the semis on the back of their 1-1 away draw seven nights ago.

The storyline for this match is not about the players on the pitch, rather the players not on the pitch. Arsenal's lockerroom looks more like a MASH unit than the dressing room of an elite football club. Arsenal's already suspect defense will be missing its first-choice keeper Manuel Almunia, first-choice centerback William Gallas, first-choice fullback Gael Clichy, and defender Johan Djourou. Robin Van Porcelain is still struggling with a groin injury that may force him to a substitute role. Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor are just back from injury and are still likely not 100% fit.

Villareal's Yellow Submarine is not suffering from the same plague of injuries but will be missing midfielders Marcos Senna and Santi Cazorla. The former being a huge loss as the Brazilian cum Spanish defensive midfield dynamo was the goal scorer on the first leg. Senna is the rock in the middle with appreciable offensive skills and his loss will certainly be felt.

So, it's a leaky back line for Arsenal and soft middle for Villareal. It's like a battle between a chick with diarrhea and chick with a chubby belly. Which one would you rather have sex with?

Prediction. 2-2. Villareal through on away goal rule. If accurate, this would be the first time an English team has been eliminated from CL play by a non-English team in two years.


jape said...

Arseblogger reports we may be without Sagna as well. What. The. Fuck.

Mike Georger said...

"There really isn't any chance today's tilt at Emirates can muster the magnificence of yesterday's all English tilt "

Yet you can bet your ass Arsenal fans will still bitch next time one of their games isn't shown over a Chelsea or Liverpool game.

Praying Villareal can pull it off, but without Crotch Stain I don't see it happening.

machine gooner funk said...

c'mon you gunners!

ü75 said...

Really, Georger? In the previous four CL meetings between the two, there had been 10 goals in 8 games, with seven of those goals occurring in the 07-08 match up. That these two teams failed to play defensive first ball over the two legs is a surprise, but not to be presented as evidence that these clubs are an entertaining matchup beyond compare.

Now go fail on all fronts already.

Mike Georger said...

When was the last time Arsenal were involved in a high scoring tie, other than last year's exit? When they lost to Bayern four years ago? Let's not act like every Arsenal games the past five years has been a shootout, you've had just as many 1-0 boring ass games.

machine gooner funk said...


jape said...

Nice little chip in. Come on Arsenal!

jape said...

Song Billong goes down. This is getting ridiculous.