Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wayne Rooney loves United (just not for his son)

Rooney's childhood room, decked out in Everton gear. No word on whether his mum grounded him for not tidying it up before he went to training

England's young, fiery troglodyte has been doing some interior design at his swanky Cheshire pad, in anticipation of his first child (the one that's currently punching corner flags deep in Coleen's placenta). Apparently, if the baby is a boy, he'll whip out the blue paint and prep a neat shrine to Everton.

But he still loves United, just to be sure.

Says the ubiquitous "club insider":
"Wayne has been walking on cloud nine ever since the news — he and Coleen can’t wait. The lads are all made up for him but Wazza insists the baby will follow Everton, no matter what. Wayne had to make do with posters of his hero Duncan Ferguson on the walls of his old home. He wants the little one to have the ultimate boy’s bedroom. Coleen will definitely be having the last say though. If it’s a girl she will insist on a fairytale castle for her Little Princess."
An Everton shrine, or a fairytale castle? If I were that boy, I think I'd choose the castle.

Still, it's one of those fluttering, space-filling stories in a week surprisingly damp for intrigue, despite all the CL 2nd legs taking place today and tomorrow.

One thing is for sure: they'll spend more money on the room than they do on dinner out.

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