Monday, April 27, 2009

Southampton: Now Free Injury With Your Insult

We mentioned last week that Southampton were getting a contingent 10-point deduction and a certain sending down this season as a result of the club going into administration (not to mention shitty play).

The club's 1-1 draw against Burnley on the weekend confirmed their sending down on their own ineptitude (and not the FA's hand) and means they start next season 10 points in the hole in League 1. At least things can't get any worse.

Oh, maybe not.

Now comes word that the club could fold completely in the next eight days if a buyer doesn't come forward. The money quote from the Guardian:

The players are understood to have been paid last week thanks only to £130,000 raised by fans under a Save Our Saints appeal... Southampton will play their final game of the season at Nottingham Forest on Sunday but the source says they will be forced to fold two days later unless one of the consortiums which have expressed interest in the club completes a deal.
Okay, so two potential buyers are in the fold, but there is seemingly a pressing need to get something done ASAP. You've been relegated and you might cease to exist in little more than a week.

Okay, so that's the bottom. Unless you count getting punched by police after the weekend match.

The best part is the person taking pictures as the stewart tries to stop him. "It's a free country."

Ha ha. Where do you think you are? The Netherlands?


Mosher said...

Fair do's. It's not been a free country here for about 20 years by my reckoning.

Be a shame to lose Southampton, if it happens. I've been there as a travelling supporter and found the locals to be a great bunch - very chatty, very welcoming.

Of course, I'm not a Portsmouth fan...

Precious Roy said...

If by 'here' you mean the US... well there's a reason I used the Netherlands.

Mosher said...

Nope - Merry Olde Englande (and Scotlande and the rest). We're following on your coat-tails as far as lack of freedom goes. And rise in crime. And corrupt politicians. And...

To think when I was 7 I wanted to live in America!