Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Daily Fail?

Or the greatest headline ever? You decide.

Today's entry comes from The Guardian The Sport Blog in a story about UF favorite and all-time great, Ronaldo. The Original, the Phenomenon or derisively The Fat One. After a devastating injury last year with AC Milan, the three time World Player of the Year has made a stunning comeback with Brazilian side Corinthians, which leads us to the headline.

Cuddly comeback king Ronaldo eating balls again

Photographic evidence of the headline after the jump as I suspect it might change.

The headline makes for a great post, but the great story is really Ronaldo's return. Granted his return is not at the highest level, yet, and the man is still out of shape, but he has scored 8 in 9 games. We may have to start calling him The Feline with all of the lives he has had. I count this as his third. The first coming, then his World Cup winning return after his initial knee injury, and now this. (Don't worry, his latest injury is not serious and will not keep him from this weeks match.)

His most recent comeback is taking place where it all started, Brazil, and appears to be quite successful as his first goal almost incited a riot. His goals have been of the mundane and spectacular variety and you have even seen him outpace a defender. Incredible, I know.

Ronaldo is only 32 and can be a serviceable goal poacher for several more seasons, particularly if he can get his fitness back. Scoring these goals will help because The Feline says
Each goal I score, I lose a kilo.

If that's the case, he might be heroin skinny in just a few months time.

There are rumors that European clubs are sniffing around for a possible return. Count this person as one who hopes to see Ronaldo, the Original, back at the highest levels soon.


Keith said...

Count this person as one who hopes Martin O'Neill's paying attention.

a- if he's healthy, I'd quite fancy seeing he and Carew partner (with Agbonlahor wide right and Milner in the center, assuming Barry goes)

b- he and Carew both have the same fitness record, meaning they might have overlapping windows of fitness/unfitness

c- even if he's not healthy, the goal-poaching wisdom he could impart on the Villa youngsters would be vital.

The Fan's Attic said...

i do think the EPL would be too fast for Ronaldo at this stage of his career, but he could give it a shot.