Monday, April 27, 2009

Gus Hiddink is a Nut Job Who Needs to Buy An XBOX

Don't worry Chelsea fans. The Barcelona games are in the bag. You have them covered. How is this possible? Gus Hiddink has already played them for you....In his head.

Hiddink has confessed to playing full matches in his noggin in advance. Wow...

“You have to think ahead and I have played Barcelona twice in my head. In my head, I have never lost a game in preparation!" - Gus Hiddink.

I'd be a little worried for him if he was losing games in his head wouldn't you? Hmmm, I am now left wondering why Hiddink has never won the World Cup and how Chelsea managed to draw a blank against Everton last week. Do players get sent off in his head or throw coins at fans? This past weekend, Chelsea only managed a 1-0 win at West Ham. If I was playing that game in my head, I know I'd have scored at least 6. Maybe he's just keeping it real. Good for him.

Seriously though, this is a little nuts no? I guess to be a top-flight manager you have to be a little crazy, just look at Glenn Hoddle. That's one guy who was deffinately a sandwich short of a picnic.



phil said...

Gus Hiddink must have been a very bad person in a past life.


Ginge said...

Maybe the cold weather in Russia has frozen part of his brain.