Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally, Something Useful out of Sir Alex Ferguson's Mouth

Check this out: "Arsenal's are the best by far."

Yeah, sir Alex Ferguson said that. He can only be talking about their strikers, right? Er, no.

Midfielders? Supporters? Goals? Beer offerings? Uniforms?

No, even when Fergie is saying nice things about the opposition it's still kind of annoying.

The Scot was talking about the locker rooms at the Emirates (the stadium not the country).

Without any real opposition this weekend (United play 'Boro) and probably a bit bored at the lack of verbal sparring between him and Benitez or Wenger, Sir Alex lashed out at the crappy state of many EPL (Suck it, Barclays) locker rooms.

"With all the money in the Premier League, some grounds should be better," Ferguson told his club magazine, Inside United. "There should be a minimum standard of size of dressing room, especially now you have more players on your bench and an increased staff.
With all the money in the Premier League, Newcastle should be better, but, well, there you are. Anyway Fergie wants minimum standards for each league. Blah blah blah.

He may have a point. He also may have a squad full of prima donnas. Who cares if your office is bigger than the dressing room at Craven Cottage? Maybe your office is too big. In any case save it until after the season and address it in some venue then.

Next week Sir Alex yells at the kids to get off his lawn.

Which is fine as long as by "kids" it's his players and he thinks the "lawn" is the pitch at the Emirates.


The NY Kid said...

that pic is a veritable of "Who's Who" of those who are no longer with us

The Fan's Attic said...

The Dallas Mavericks laugh at your puny locker rooms.

Whizalen said...

nah, Senderos will be back. do not worry about that

Steve said...

all locker room discussion end at the University of Oregon. Sorry guys.

(sorry don't know how to make them links)

Steve said...


WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

I was hoping that if I ignored this story it would go away.


Hey, you red-beaked fuck. Shut the hell up and focus on putting out a team that will beat Boro while resting the players you need to deal with Arsenal on Tuesday. Worry about Ronaldo showering in your office or whatever it is you're complaining about after you've wrapped everything up.

Mike Georger said...

Wait, the newest stadium has the nicest facilities? That's the kind of hard hitting journalism I expect from the sporting version of SkyMall Catalog!

Hadley said...

boro should paint their changing room like Iowa does for the away american footballers.

Goat said...

Hadley--that wouldn't work. Don't you know soccer players are gay?