Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maryland's Very Own Juventus?

It's not clear whether the seventh grade girls soccer league in Bethesda, Maryland has its own Mario Balotelli, but the parents of one team were banned from the sidelines for two games. Seems a few of the Bethesda Legacy travel squad were a bit rowdy with an assistant referee after a disputed offside call last season. Unconfirmed reports suggest the linesman was from the Webb family.

Everybody has experienced it at a youth soccer match. The parents are just a bit too into the game and start second-guessing the ref. Then, the group reaches critical mass and goes just too far telling the ref's daughter he should be fired.

The parents were not allowed within 100 yards of the sidelines. But, as you know, youth squads are shuttled around by parents every weekend and these suburbanites were clever watching from the grassy knoll along with the second shooter. See pic.

From the Washington Post:

After the game, a Bethesda parent approached the referee and accused him of making the wrong call, the report says. The parent "started to raise his voice," according to the report. More sniping occurred, and "the tone and behavior of the parents was aggressive." Then another Bethesda parent allegedly yelled at the referee's daughter, "Your father should be fired!"
What? That's it? I guess so. I mean, there wasn't even a concealed weapon involved.

It's unclear whether the offending referee was also parent of the opposing squad. If so, I see no reason to accept the decision of a biased official.

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