Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phil Brown Has A Helluva Son

There's a silver lining ahead for Hull City Manager Phil Brown: In the Championship nobody will give a shit about your kids.

But for now the Tigers are still in the EPL (suck it, Barclays) and still above the drop. So you get to know that Phil Brown's kid, Jamie, is a cokehead.

Brown, 49, told the Hull Daily Mail he was concentrating on saving the struggling side from relegation despite the arrest and caution of his son Jamie for possession of drugs.
That's laudable and all and probably what the fans want to here, but maybe the fact that you seem to be indicating the team is more important than your family is the reason your kid is doing rails in the bathroom of a Newcastle nightclub to begin with.

To be honest, this isn't really that big of a deal. A line of blow is apparently now cheaper than a pint in England. They're both drugs. One just happens to be legal. And it's not like he was caught with 50 kilos.

It's not even that he was caught that makes this worth bringing up, it's how he was caught. The 25-year-old Jamie Brown was picked up after being found slumped over outside of a club. Huh? Dude, cocaine is suppose to wire you. Are you sure you're doing it right?

But there's one critical difference between Brown's son and his team. At least his son knows how to score. Zing!

Anyway, add "model father" to the things you can predicate to Phil Brown along with "captain of a sinking ship," and "orange."


Magnakai Haaskivi said...

Your move, Andy Reid.

Keith said...

So did the fun of Phil Brown end when he aired out his side at Eastlands?

Precious Roy said...

Yeah, I think that's probably the exact moment.

The bitch fight with Fabregas isn't helping either. If there's no video or foto image supporting the spit claim he'll just look like more of an ass. Even if Cesc gets a game (which he might anyway for being a prick on the field after the match).

ü75 said...

I though Cesc got two, and Arsenal said they would not appeal.

EbullientFatalist said...

Brown's son should adopt my personal take on coke: I don't like cocaine, I just like the way it smells.

Precious Roy said...

He was charged. And I don't think he's had his hearing in front of the FA yet, so there's no final decision to appeal.

At least that's what I gleaned from reading Wenger's comments on the matter.

ü75 said...

Well, I saw it reported that Wenger said Arsenal were unlikely to contest the charges, leading me to believe that a two game suspension is more "when" than "if".

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