Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Throw: Hope Howard Webb enjoys Coca-Cola...

In a move in no way induced by karma, Howard Webb will be calling contentious penalties in the Colaship this weekend, overseeing Reading v. Birmingham after royally screwing things up on Saturday in, ahem, that match.

The best part is Graham Poll's comment about the matter. Remember Poll? Guy who gave out 3 yellow cards to the same player in Germany '06? It's always nice when someone more incompetent than you turns up to help people forget.

[Guardian Sport]


Mike Georger said...

God that is so satisfying, because at least it shuts up the United fans who said it was the right call.

Dustin said...

Giving 3 yellow cards in a game shouldn't destroy everything you've ever done in your career. Incompetence should be judged on screwing up several times because of lack of caring or study. This wasn't the case here, both those calls were mistakes, not a problem of knowing the Laws or Understanding the game. One was a problem of sight (angle) the other was a problem of bookkeeping.

JT said...

Dustin: when the games concerned are so indisputably massive in terms of implication, you only get one shot. Plenty of solid EPL refs who could have handled OT on Saturday.

Webb loves the spotlight, and that is the antithesis of what refs should be doing.

Regarding Poll: that's basic math! Basic understanding of the rules of the game! If he can't get that right, how can he handle the tricky game of offsides?

BentPav said...

Webb is a cunt. No excuse for our lot folding but he is cunt nonetheless.

Dustin said...

Webb is one of the best referee's in the EPL, one mistake does not justify throwing his career away. Doctors pay tons of malpractice insurance for just this reason, and they have lives in their hands, not games.

That basic Math was also missed by the assistants, the 4th and 5th officials, as well as the statistician. Some I'm guessing it wasn't about math, more of a missing about which number got the first yellow card.

Also BentPav, I'm guessing since your doing this over the internet that you can't back up that mouth of yours. Go back to trolling another site please.