Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

In honor of FIFA's decision to kick Peru out of its membership, I thought I'd try to get a shirt from the exiled country for this week's entry. Unfortunately, Peru's National Team shirts tend to be a bit boring and too normal for me. So instead I went for a defunct club which wore a shirt style that we have seen before. But hold on, there are a couple of surprises ahead.

So, there it is. It looks awfully familiar, doesn't it? You know what the weird part is? Check this picture

It would seem that a company named Polmer decided that Umbro's design was one worth stealing. Now that is just odd business sense.

However, it is not company-shutting-down business sense. Polmer has since moved on to other teams as well, including one rather well-known in England. It seems that Polmer has since hit the jackpot by putting out Deportivo Wanka shirts. Why is that a jackpot? As someone on Wikipedia wrote,"The British slang word wanker "one who masturbates", sounds like Wanka when said with a (non-rhotic) British accent."

There is one final twist in this post. At the top I said that Deportivo Pesquero is a defunct club. That's not entirely true. The truth is they merged with another club back in 2000, allowing the second club to be promoted to the top division in Peru. That club--Deportivo Wanka.

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Bigus Dickus said...

Thievery! Well spotted.