Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barnsley Fume Over FA Hume Decision

Barnsley are furious today after the FA announced they will not be taking further action over Chris Morgan's elbow on Iain Hume 17 days ago. Hume suffered a fractured skull and was rushed to hospital after the incident. He was released days later but readmitted on Monday.

Barnsley today released a statement outlining their attempt to seek justice outside of the Football Association:

"The decision by the FA to disconnect a violent act from its consequences runs contrary to the principles of civil and criminal law. The FA's failure to act has let Iain Hume down badly and the only option now remaining is for recourse outside of the normal football processes."

Meanwhile Sheffield United wish to forget about the incident as quickly as possible, says asst. manager Sam Ellis: "We think people have made a little bit more of it than they should have. It was closed after the game."

Hume had scored four goals this season before the incident which took place during Barnsleys 2-1 defeat at Oakwell to the blades on the 8th of November. Speaking before he was readmitted to hospital, Hume shared his enthusiasm to play as soon as possible: "It's upsetting to know that it was life threatening but the surgeons did a terrific job and I'm so grateful for what they have done for me. Nothing will stop me from playing, it's my life."

I hope that the Canadian international returns as soon as possible after a full recovery. No one likes to see an incident like this ruin a career, and I'm sure Chris Morgan feels the same way. I understand Barnsley's frustration. The force of the elbow and its use deserves more than the yellow card it received in this case. But watching again, Morgan shows no malice to clobber Hume in the head; he was watching the ball and hustling for a header when he swung his arm. After all, how often do you see defenders use their arms to shield a ball from an opponent before a header? 

If Hume doesn't stoop down, the elbow is chest height and like many featured on pitches all over the world every weekend.

- Bigus.

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