Thursday, November 27, 2008

No World Cup and No Subtitles to Reid

Former Everton legend and Sunderland manager Peter Reid has been off the radar recently but thanks to a nugget on the BBC rumours page he has been found! And not only that, he gets special viewings of new bond films. I suspect that's because he cannot leave his new country!

Peter Reid has been the manager of Thailand since July when he signed a 4 year deal. Getting Thailand to qualify for the World Cup is now impossible as they sit bottom of their group on 1 point after 6 games. Oman, Bahrain and Japan sit above them and that means that Reid has some spare time on his hands. So what do you do in Thailand on your own time?

Well if you are Peter Reid you are gifted a special screening of new Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace'. The only problem with this is that Mr Reid cannot speak Thai and the film was not subtitled. Personally I think the attempt at home comforts was to occupy Reidy and avoid telling him that he won't be able to leave the country should he wish to. Protests against the current prime minister are underway and angry Thai folk have shut down the country's main airport.

Maybe Reid doesn't need James Bond to help keep him busy, he will be coaching the Thailand under 19 team in a tournament later this month before trying to help the main team forget their pathetic World Cup effort as they take part in the Kings Cup and ASEAN Championships.

Maybe after reading this you are wondering how Mr Reid can manage the team without having a grasp of the lingo? Well in the interest of the Thai people, allow UF to help.

Below are some key phrases that should see Mr Reid through. Although the Liverpool accent could still cause a problem.

1: Pass to the lad up front. HAI DEK HNOM PHAN KERN PAI DAN NAR.

2: Shoot at goal. YING PRA TOO.

3: Don't watch him, tackle him. YAH DOO KAO JUD KARN KAO.

4: No bunching together. YAH OW MA ROUM GUN.

5: I said mark him, don't hit him. HAI GRANG KHO POOD, TAE YAH PAI TEE KAO.

6: Not that way, the other way. MAI CHAI WI TEE NUN, WI TEE AUEN.


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