Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Xmas Al.

Q: What do you get for Christmas when you win just 4 games out of 18 this season, including 10 defeats, leaving your team in the relegation zone heading to league 1?

A: If you are Alan Pardew then 1 million quid (1.7 million bucks), payable in just 12 days from being fired.

But that's not the total he will bag for being a duff manager. Oh no.

Pardew had a clause in his contract stating that he would be entitled to 1 million of his windfall within 12 days of getting the tin-tack. Under-perform, collect 1 million smackers, but Pardew's total haul for leaving Charlton in the bottom 3 of the Championship will be 1.6 million pounds. Nice work if you can get it. Just in time for Christmas shopping (Mrs Pardew has not stopped clapping yet). Pardew was fired on Saturday after Charlton were defeated 5-2 at home to Sheffield United.

The south Laaandan team are in a financial hole at the moment. They have had to sell their best players over the summer and the job at the Valley is not one to be admired. There will likely be no money when the transfer window opens in January. Especially now that the Addicks have to shell out 1.6 million to Pardew as a return for a spot in the bottom 3.

Meanwhile... Former Charlton man Alan Curbishley says he is not interested in a return to the Championship...But he is not ruling it out either....Managers!

“If I did look to come back to management it would be in the Premier League. I’m sure I’ll be linked with the job but we’ll have to see.” -Alan Curbishley.

So roughly tranlsated that's "they have no money for players and I am not interested in taking on a club circling the giant hole to league 1... But if no one offers me a better job in the near future and they get a couple of results in the coming weeks, I am in!



Mike Georger said...

ive probably said it before, but i would be happy never seeing charlton in the EPL again. the question here is would they be doing any better if carson were their keeper? i contend they would not.

Keith said...

Honestly, no one would be doing better with Carson as their keeper. Villa finished sixth last year in spite of that spill-happy gap-toothed bastard.

Matterfact, I really don't understand how he's in the frame for England, considering that Green and Hart are better keepers, as is Foster when he's fit.

Mike Georger said...

exactly my point, hes so bad he wouldnt even make the third worst team in the championship any better. still cant believe people valued him at 10million pounds; if that isnt the prime example of english players being overvalued then my name isnt homer j simpson.

Bigus Dickus said...

Georger. You could have the ghost of Steve Ogrizovic in goal but if you let strikers through you will ship as many as Charlton.

Mike Georger said...

does that saying apply when the person isnt actually dead? or did he die and i wasnt alerted.

Bigus Dickus said...

Ha. I thought he had passed. Poor Steve. I had him buried, but buried a great!