Monday, November 24, 2008

Shamless Begging - Monday Edition.

Morning blog fiends, it's Monday. Another week is well under-way and that means lots of interesting bits and bobs to read on here. But before I crack on with this weeks Colaship review and the rest of the guys dig deep to amuse, I wanted to remind you that there is just over a week left to vote for Unprofessional Foul. Vote you say? Are we not done with voting for a while?

Not quite. We have been nominated to be U.S Soccer's Best Blog of the Year! You can vote once a day. Click HERE and vote, we want to win!

Many thanks.



Andrew said...

Would it be possible to receive an "I Voted" sticker so as I get $1.00 my Denny's breakfast?

phil said...

For some reason, the page keeps timing out every time I try and vote. There's a conspiracy afoot!