Tuesday, November 25, 2008

David Beckham: Soccer Star, Super Celebrity, and Sage Adviser?

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Chef Gordon Ramsay finds himself in pot of hot water this week due to allegations of a seven year affair. Generally, I defer to chefs on their menus, but I think I am going to pass on the blanched Ramsay florettes. Sarah Symonds, author of Having An Affair?, has gone Rebecca Loos and claims a long term affair with the TV Celebrity Chef. Naturally, she wants to make her way to a TV career:

UK publicist Max Clifford revealed that Symonds had come to him for advice earlier this year, as she was keen to launch a television career on the back of her book.

She was talking about getting herself a television profile in much the same way as Rebecca Loos (former personal assistant to David Beckham, who famously had an affair with the soccer star), the Daily Telegraph quoted him as having told the Daily Mail.

She’s articulate and intelligent and she’s got it all worked out - she realised that this was her opportunity to launch herself like other people that have launched themselves out of scandals, he added.

More like she was looking to make a career on her back. Amiright?

So who does Ramsay turn to for advice? David Beckham, naturally. I certainly would ask Beckham about whoring himself underwear endorsements, but I am not so sure I would go to him on PR advice, maybe his PR person would be the better person to approach.

Although, Becks has his own history of well publicized allegations of marital infidelity, so he might have some insight. A source of The Daily Mail reports that:

Ramsay, 42, is said to have asked 33-year-old Becks how to handle the allegations linking him to Sarah Symonds after they came to light at the weekend.

Becks had been in a similar situation when the Rebecca Loos scandal broke in 2004, and sources closes to Ramsay said that he spoke to the former England football captain to see how he coped with being accused of cheating on wife Victoria, 34.

David has a lot of experience dealing with the press in awkward situations, the Daily Star quoted the source as saying.
My first piece of advice would have been, don't mess around with a woman who writes a book about having an affair. That certainly cannot lead to good things. My second piece of advice? Cheat with somebody better looking.

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