Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift of Bradford.

Bradford City have devised a novel way to help fans get through the current credit-crunch while hoping to attract stay-aways for next season.

The 99 quid season ticket. Bradford City for $7.00 a game. Not bad if you have nothing against League two football. In-fact it's a real bargain, but will people come back and what does Bradford City have to offer that would make you happy to receive 22 Bradford City games for Christmas?

So what DO Bradford have going for them. They are currently 4th in League two so there is a chance that your Christmas gift could see you watching Q.P.R, Derby, Norwich and Reading. If they stay down however, you could be welcoming Burton Albion to Valley Pardade (Coral windows stadium for now) for your Saturday afernoon entertainment.

Bradford have done a good job of keeping the fans coming through the gates since dropping from the Premier league to League 2 over the last 7 years. This season they are getting between 12 and 14 thousand supporters to a home game. Not bad for a team with many lower-league sides to compete with. Bradford doesn't just have one or two clubs nearby, they have 12 or so. Their part of the U.K is a hot-bed of football league action. Leeds, Rochdale, Doncaster, Barnsley, Huddersfield, Burnley, Halifax, Oldham, Rotherham, Bury and Scunthorpe are all close by. That means there are plenty of rivals to despise and lots of derby's to enjoy.

What else does Bradford City have to offer for 99 smackers. Well, there is a proud 105 year history, including many years in the top-flight. Most recently under Paul Jewell back in 99/00.

Chairman Mark Lawn thinks the drop in price can be good for the supporters and the club...

"Stuart McCall and the players say that the support we get does give them a big lift. We thought about what we can do to help the fans because there is a credit crunch, It's a genuine opportunity for people to buy something for partners, spouses, children at Christmas. We appreciate that Bradford is not the most affluent of places and if we can do something, and if we can do it at Christmas, then I think we should."

If the crunch continues and the Bradford City model proves successful then we may see more clubs offering discount season tickets. Arsenal and Chelsea fans should not get their hopes up though.



ü75 said...

Also, BCFC have really nice shirts this year, in my opinion. So there is that.

Bigus Dickus said...

If you want to like like a fruit salad, sure.


Oh..Takes me back. Tuck-shops!!

Bigus Dickus said...

I really need to stop posting today...No really. *LOOK.

Andrew said...

I've always wondered what it's like to support a team in the lower echelons of the league. This would provide me a wonderful opportunity to experience it. If I didn't live in Florida.

Andrew said...

But then again, I support Gunners. I may very well be cheering a lower-league club soon enough.