Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

If I were ever a day earlier with this, I could call this one a Tuesday Two-fer. But I never am. I have a schedule dammit, and Wednesday is when I think to myself"Huh, maybe I should do another of those abominable uniform posts". And so I do.

I also like to throw some themes in there from time to time. With the European Championships coming up (have you joined our pick 'em yet?), I could not help myself. While next week will have a national team flavor to it, this week we look at a couple of clubs in the host countries. If I were you, I would consider donning protective eyegear now.

This shirt comes from the early '90s, courtesy of Wiener Sport-Club in Austria. Yes, the shirt is a bad approximation of a chessboard on acid, or a ska kid's wardrobe, but let's face it, I picked it because of the club name. If you ask me, Wiener Sport-Club is even better than that Deportivo Wanka the Brits find so funny.

This shirt does arouse some ire in me, however. As with the Birthdays sponsor from before, why the hell can't the sponsor jibe with the shirt? WSC (I giggle too much to type it out every time) wears black, white, and a mixture of black and white. Where does Samsung get off putting that red on there? Bunch of wankers, if you ask me.

Our second shirt comes from FC Wil in Switzerland, and all I can say is, wow. This is the kind of thing that can induce nightmares. I do like the inventiveness of the paint-dropped-in-a-pool background broken up by the excited red lightning strike. I still would not wear it. That's just too much.

The thing that really bothers me is the team logo here. You'll find it right under that huge manufacturer logo with the horse on it. (Incidentally, both of these shirts were made by Blacky. That's a brand that would not sell well over here, I think.) Can you make that out? If I were a font-nerd, I could tell you what it is, but the entirety of the club's mark on this shirt looks like :
FC WIL 1900.
That's lame.

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