Thursday, June 5, 2008

Euro 2008

Well, we are just two days away, actually less, from Euro 2008 commencing.

UF has a large slate of liveblogging planned for the tournament. We don't have the numbers to cover every match but we'll be doing a significant portion of the matches. We'll also have our regular ribald humor and enlightening soccer banter, which will undoubtedly be a bit more Euro 08-centric, but we'll do our best to cover other items.

Just a reminder we have a Euro 08 Pick 'Em group. Please join us to determine who is less stupid amongst us. Log in and search for "UF Callups." Winner gets a fabulous doorprize--a free post on UF. Although, we reserve the right to censor any NSFW images and anything else we feel like censoring. There may or may not be other prizes, but we'll be sure to not let you know about them.

As always, send us your tips at unprofessionalfoul[at]gmail[dot]com, the more the merrier.

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