Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Damn double triple overtimes

Stuff to peruse while I wait for Detroit to wrap up the Stanley Cup.

US Soccer roster for Argentina released. There's a lot of "out of contracts" on that page [Soccer America Daily]
Donovan, Spector injured and out of team [Soccernet]
Cannavaro out of Euros, may need surgery [Soccernet]
List of Americans who went to Europe and came back to MLS. Look for Adu addition in a couple of years [The Best Eleven]

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Jerseys left outside Celtic Park in memory of Tommy Burns to be sent to Africa to go alongside those 19-0 T-shirts [Independent Online]
Kimbo Slice doesn't want any part of this Aussie [Herald Sun]
Belgium has some pretty serious problems in their football community [Al Jazeera]

Finally, go to the youtube page to "vote on who done the best skill" H/T to The Offside.


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Mike Georger said...

kirk gibson and babe ruth all in one, i call him gary oldman, but sykora is the man of the hour. im crying in joy for that, so tense.

still a long way to go