Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Get your sleep now, young ones

Because the fun starts bright and early in the morning (in the US).

Ladies... do a Euro preview in their inimitable style [Ladies...]
Look, someone's doing Euro stuff for Deadspin. Must be nice [Deadspin]
Everyone is Euro crazy! Here's Hirshey's first offering for ESPN [ESPN]

More on the other side.

Adebayor insists he is not going to Italy. Believe at your own risk [Sky Sports]
Jorge Flores has a pretty cool story [NY Times]
Abbey Clancy believes Peter Crouch has a perfect body. Warning: pics [Daily Mail]
Samuel Eto'o apologizes for attacking journalist [Reuters]
Another team banned form Champions League [CNN]


Mike Georger said...

i am going to miss crouchie so much :(

r1ooooo said...

Waiting for Euro 2008.. :)

Anyway I wonder if you mind to exchange links with mine?

Thanks and have a good day.

Precious Roy said...

As if I needed proof Abbey Clancy is dumb as a box of lock washers...

Precious Roy said...

A) When the best player the 4-letter can show when giving a peak at your team is Senderos, you are fucked.

B) What the hell is Julie Foudy on my TV? Really, Thierry Henry as your breakout player? Do you even fucking watch futbol?