Friday, June 6, 2008

The definition of "Chav" **UPDATE**

The Rooney clan was back at it the other day. Going all out in Ibiza again, this time in the sunlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have ever wondered what the visual definition of Chav is, there is a photo montage after the break.

NSFW, depending on your company's affinity for man-ass.

Pale boys on a boat

Visible homunculus!

Way to burn out those scooters, boys

Who knew Rooney was a Rutgers Fan?

Rooney is said to be paying out $500k for his week of debauchery with his family and mates. Couldn't he have paid for a spray tan first? Also, since Coleen is totally against having anything Chavvy at her wedding, does that mean that none of these guys can go?

Update: The Fan's Attic here...and just for those of into man-strings...Kickette has an even better picture of Roo's buddies.

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TIET said...

No, this is just NSFL.

Oh, how I wish I never jumped the cut.