Monday, June 2, 2008

Chapter 35 In South American Soccer Violence

For my money, South American soccer has the greatest amount of drama in the world. Not because the soccer matches are great. I wouldn't know, I don't ever watch it. Rather, it is because of the insane actions ancillary to the actual match. Players fighting with other players after fouls. Fans rioting before, during and after matches. And so forth. I don't wan't to stereotype, but it sure seems there is a lot more passion in the Latin culture than Western Europe.

That is a long preface for what is a Youtube post.

In a match yesterday between Botafogos and Nautico in Brasil that Nautico won 3-0, there was much drama. Botafogo defender Andre Luis was sent off with a second yellow after a Nautico player fell down like he lost all motor control and then rolled around on the pitch writhing in pain. He wasn't even touched. Luis had a legitimate gripe.

As Luis left the field, it appears he kicked a water bottle towards the stands. Then, he gave the fans the old double-finger salute to the Nautico supporters. Next thing you know, at least in the video, Luis is being horse-collared by riot police. His teammates came to his rescue and he broke away, only to be captured again to no longer be free range. Apparently, a couple players were pepper sprayed during the altercation.

After his removal, Luis and the club president were arrested. And released after questioning.

Video after the jump.

That was fun.


The NY Kid said...

I enjoyed the fact that he made the sign of the cross before flipping off the fans. Apparently, he was just mad because they're atheists.

Goat said...

In high school the ref almost called off on of our games because my brother flipped off the opposing fans. It seems the authorities in Brazil are a little more hostile to such actions than are the authorities in Youngstown, Ohio.