Friday, March 21, 2008

Footballer? I barely knew 'er.

We here at UF love a good sex scandal.

If it involves futbol, even better.

What could top that? A sex scandal involving futbol and a Hollywood starlet.

Thankfully, Lindsay Lohan has provided us with such a scandal.

Reportedly, Lohan was filmed by Calum Best on his camera phone while, ahem, Lohan polished his pickle. [Grainy NSFW alleged screen cap here.]

Best is an Irish model and happens to be the son of one of the greatest Irish footballers of all-time and a legendary member of Manchester United, George Best.

Coincidentally, George Best was a world-renowned drinker, which might explain Calum's interest in Lohan the Junior, although I bet Dina Lohan was right in line for sloppy seconds after Lindsay.

Also, Cristiano Ronaldo just surpassed Best's scoring record for a ManU winger.

[Photo Credit: The Daily Mail]

A great day for the Best family!

[Ed. Note: After the jump, a couple of videos of Georgie in action on the pitch.]

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The NY Kid said...

As a GK, let me just say that I would have popped George Best in the nuts in that first video (promptly earning me a red card).