Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thunder Thief!

Last Sunday Sir Whingy Face continued his long standing trend of grabbing the headlines away from teams that have beaten Man Utd. The only possible motive is to steal the other teams thunder, have the press focus on Fergie and not the result. Sir Red Nose Thunder Thief is nothing short of a spoil sport and general bad loser.

After Sunday's defeat to local rivals Man City Fergie refused to speak to the press as he sulked in his office. Instead he dispatched his minion Carlos Queiroz to blame International football and fatigued players on the defeat. Of course Man City's International players could not have been tired at all.

Just for once could Fergie face the press and hold his hands up and say "we were beaten fair and square" or "Well done to them, they done us!"

He did exactly the same thing in 2006 when Norwich City beat Man U 2-0. Yes that's right. Norwich beat United 2-0 with super goals from Dean Ashton and Leon McKenzie. If you don't remember the game that's because the following days press was filled with stories of Fergie's anger at losing to lil old Narridge. He refused to speak to the press, acted like a tantrum-throwing toddler at Carrow Road and sent a minion to issue the expected excuses to SKY TV. That day City played the game of their season, outplayed the champs and received little credit for doing so.

Mourinho, Benitez, O'Neill, Wenger. Whatever you think of them, that bunch would never act so childishly.

When all is said and done Fergie may be one of the greatest league managers ever. He will also be remembered for being the most ungracious.

My Man Utd supporting friend Adam said this morning "There's only two types of loser. Sore losers and losers. I'm happy with sore."

Sore losers ARE just losers. And to me, Fergie is the biggest of all.


Josh said...

You know who was a horrible loser? Red Auerbach. Wasn't a very gracious winner either.

Why would you want the manager of your team to be a good loser?

hockalees said...

Why would you want the manager of your team to be a good loser?

I would want my team's manager, or head coach, or teammates, foes, my kids, etc. to be gracious in defeat as well as victory because the "best" team doesn't always win on a given day... or go 19-0... or win an election... or any number of things that don't go your way in life.

I coach my son's soccer team, and I have learned to use the wins and losses to teach larger life lessons. I know the stakes are higher for Fergie, but my kids could teach him how to leave a loss with respect for and from the other team.

/dick joke

Bigus Dickus said...

Being angry at losing is one thing. I would be irritated if my teams manager was NOT angry when we lost. But not giving credit to your opponent and acting like a spoilt child publically to avoid doing so is out of order.

Josh said...

I also heard that Fergie only had enough orange slices for his own team, but brought NONE for the other team. They also failed to generate much enthusiasm during the "Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?" cheer after the game