Monday, February 11, 2008

Open Letter to the Women of Scotland

Dear Women of Scotland,

I am sorry I screwed up that last minute call against your country's national team. I realize now that I am the cause for your pain on the night of November 17 in 2007. Sorry. I'm the bad guy.


Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez

For those that don't know, the above Mr. Gonzalez refereed the Euro 2008 qualifying match between Scotland and Italy. His bizarre foul call below, which overruled his assistant on that side, led to Italy's game winning goal.

Subsequently, as he gave the win to Italy, he must also be blamed for the immediate rise in domestic violence that followed.

It seems that drunken Scots don't take losing too well. This poorly sourced article attributes a one day rise in violence on women in Glasgow to two factors interacting with each other: alcohol and the national team's loss. What it leaves out--mouthy Scottish women. As any good wifebeater will tell you, these women obviously deserved it. They probably sided with the ref, or said Italy deserved to win, or something like that. Yep, it has nothing to do with the record drinking levels recorded in pubs that day.

UF in no way endorses the actions of the day. Wifebeating is bad, m'kay?
Photo from the beeb. But you'd know that if you clicked the link.


badly drawn boykins said...

At least Scottish supporters keep their violence at home, unlike their neighbors to the south. So that's something.

Precious Roy said...

For a second I thought we might have welcomed Delaurio into our fold.