Sunday, February 10, 2008

African Cup Pseudo Live Blog

Egypt came out in a 4-3-3 formation instead of their more aggressive 3-5-2 formation they've used all match. Also Zidan is starting on the bench. Cameroon brought out I think a 4-4-2 formation. I also say "pseudo" because I may have to walk the dog before half-time. Miserable weather to boot.

First Half:

Cameroon has started off pushing the ball up field more, with strong volleys but struggling to finish. Egypt is a making some runs. First free kick near the goal is done by Housy and his attempt is saved by the keeper. Much more physical play, very similiar to an EPL match in intensity. Corner by Egypt is handled well by Cameroon.

My English sopcast stream is being overrun with Nigerian I believe. The Arsenal midfielder Alex Song is replaced by Binya. Song is limping, which does not bode well for Wegner's attitude.

Eto'o is being marked hard, and the Lions seem lost as to what to do without him free. Egypt has had several strong attacks with very good saves by Kameni.

It takes almost 30 minutes into the match before Eto'o gets his first crack at the net, but there is no one for the cross that would of put it in, so he shoots it wide.
Eto'o and the Egyptian keeper do some knee on shin dance, and Al Hadari is down. Eto' o shows genuine concern. Al Hadari is staying in for now.

The Stadium is just getting full. This match deserves a full house.

Atouba goes down for Cameroon right before half. Song is out, Mbia is hurt. Coach Pfister is probably pulling the last few strands of hair out.

First half summary: Egypt is running like fiends and getting some very strong shots on goal. Cameroon is tackling pretty aggressively, which may bite them if it goes the wrong way, Egypt is doing some nice flopping, but the Injuries (or the subs) will be the decider.

Second Half:

Kameni keeps up with his Man of the Match honors, keeping back charges from

Zidan appears, as Moteab goes off for Egypt. He of juggling boot.

Yellow card for atouba for knocking down Zidan. That will have him sitting out the next International match. I'm sure he's crying about that.

Mbami comes in substitution for Epalle, and they switch to a 4-3-3. It's like everyone is too scared to take the initiative to win.

Egypt just capitalized on a Cameroon defensive lapse. Rigberto Song had tied up Zidan, but left Aboutrika open for the poke in. That may be it, as Cameroon has had no solid attack for awhile. 1-0 Egypt.

A yellow card on #17. Hasayan for Egypt. Cameroon decides they want one too now a yellow card is called Idirisiu.

Roberto Song misses a nice chance on a header. And it's over. Egypt wins, 1-0.


Eladio said...

Sounds the Pharaohs took a page out of Team Italia's book and played not to lose. Did Eto'o even score a goal in the entire tournament?

jjf3 said...

Thanks for the "pseudo"-effort, Mike...