Friday, February 15, 2008

Off to the crisp bowl.

Next stop Leicester.

My lot Norwich City are aiming to make it 14 games unbeaten tomorrow and get back to winning ways in an attempt to join the Championship playoff party. The fact that we are 6 points from the top 6 is still hard to believe. But I am not going to harp on about how good Glenn Roeder is and what he has achieved in very little time. Oh go on then I will.....Just kidding.

Trips to Leicester's Walkers Stadium are always fun.

(If you are not familar with Walkers I'll fill you in. They make chips. In fact they are to the English what Lay's are to Americans. Walkers headquarters are in Leicester but the company is now owned by Frito Lay-who are in turn owned by Pepsi. Got it?)

-Back to the stadium.....

They shove us in the corner and we insult them for it. Having to play in the 'Walkers' stadium is a tough challenge for the Leicester faithful when sell out away crowds roll into town. Especially as they are one of the quiestest crowds I have heard in the division. This provides wonderful opportunities to sing such songs as "Your crisps make more noise than you" followed by a chorus of shhhhhhing sounds made as loud as possible. We cheer when they sing with rousing renditions of "We forgot that you were here" and of course we bust out the old favourite "Worst support we've ever seen". This year the state of their pitch will also provide amunition. Its one of my favorite Championship fixtures. The stadium is pleasant enough. Facilities are not bad, it's not too far and easy to get to so you are back in the local with plenty of time before closing. Well it used to be easy to get to!

Alas no more! I wont be there tomorrow as I live in NY now but when I am listening to Radio Norfolk tomorrow and hear the 3000 travelling Norwich fans directing some home truths towards a certain individual in the crowd regarding his diet, followed by some stern instructions of where he can forcefully place his drum when he is not banging it. I will know exactly who they are singing at. This guy.

(who at all the.....crisps)

The above picture was featured in Ian Holloways column today. There have been reports of Holloway losing his job as Leicester slip towards a relegation battle. I like Ollie I really do. Even after his touchline spat with God Glenn a few weeks ago. He is one of football's real characters. Amusing, passionate and a genuine nice guy. He says what he thinks, has respect for other teams and his interviews provide some absolute gems. But come 4.45 Saturday I hope he has had well and truly had his chips.....I mean crisps.


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