Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Seeing this week's shirt makes me want to go back to last weekend's poll and dock the Portuguese League a few spots. After the jump, my uncensored reaction to seeing this shirt for the first time.

HolyFuckingShit. It's a Motherfucking dragon! I think. Either that or it's a fat chicken with a huge back tumor. I really have no idea. I need a drink.

Once the 13-year-old in me settled down, I came up with some other thoughts. First of all, HolyFuckingShit. Sorry, I can't get over it.

This was FC Porto's away shirt from 96/97. This was the middle season in a five-year stretch of Portuguese titles. When you are piling up trophies like that, you can mess with your fans a bit. You can put out a shirt like this and see it become one of your clubs top selling replicas to date. Seriously, people bought this in droves. I guess the Portuguese love dragons. I wonder if they like dungeons, or gatherings of magic as well? Nerds.

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Bigus Dickus said...

That shirt is just nasty. If you want to see a worse one check out the Norwich kit from 93-94. Looks like birds crapped on it. Still they wore it when they beat Bayern Munich so maybe it was a lucky omen.

ü75 said...

I'm getting to that one. There were some similar ones at the time, but Norwich made it look the worst.