Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Protest?

It's a classic case of supply and demand people.

1: More people watch Premier League football in the U.S than attend or watch MLS games on TV. Asian countries are home to the largest Prem team fan clubs outside of the U.K

2: Fans get to see their teams play in a competitive match. Fans that would not get a chance normally.

3: They are not trying to do this in Italy. They are doing this in countries where the Premier League fans are. And why are they there? Because their domestic leagues are at an awful, unwatchable standard. Those leagues can develop ties with the Premier League. Gain management and training advice and even get players on loan.

4: PL football in the U.S.A (for example) could only draw attention to the game and end up having a positive impact on the inferior league (MLS). I really do not understand what English Premier League fans are complaining about? You either....

A: Take a holiday somewhere you wouldn't normally go.

B: Sit back, open a beer and watch 10 live Premier League games over a weekend that you would not be able to watch normally.

It's a win win. The fans get what they want. The clubs get what they want. Poor standard leagues get cash injections and are forced to raise the bar to improve THEIR league and the quality of THEIR game.

Why are so many against it? How does it effect you and your team? I would love to know?

The NFL sent the Giants and the Dolphins to play in London. The game was a raging success. Whether your team is playing or not you get to see a competitive game played at the highest level available in the world. We have the best league and the best players so why not share them?

I disagree strongly with how Scudamore went about it. He should have contacted the football associations in the countries mentioned and worked with them. The idea however is a great one. Its an extra game. No one loses out. Not to mention the money clubs get in that can be spent on players, advertising revenue. large gate receipts and TV deals. Liverpool V Portsmouth would sell out 80,000 at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Wouldn't do that in Liverpool or Portsmouth.

Certain associations around the world are against it now but that will soon change.
The Australian and Asian football supremos are just peeved that they were not consulted. As soon as they have stopped throwing their toys around to justify their overpaid positions they will see the benefits. Watch the attitudes change as soon as Penang gets a couple of Man U players offered on loan and Sydney FC starts to see the interest appear on their doorstep.
Money will come in, better players arrive and they will all be thanking the PL is 10 years time.



Ian said...

Wow, we are really beating this one into the ground, eh? UF is giving this story the ESPN Barry Bonds treatment.

Bigus Dickus said...

its divided the world. Its a bigun this one!

Shara said...

I love the idea of the premiere league going global and all that, but what I do not like about it at all is the fact that they are adding another game to the season to do it. Right now, each team plays every other team twice. If you add some random game, it makes everything uneven. The league loses some of its perfectness to me. What if Arsenal had to play some team that can give us trouble and Man.U had to play Derby County? That isn't exactly fair is it? It sucks that the game counts, but there's no other way to sell it overseas because no one wants a sub par product. So my hatred for the potentially unfairness it creates when calculating the points at the end of the season outweighs my desire to possibly see my team play. Sorry.