Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Liam Gallagher Acts Like A Tosser... Again

Sit down, shut up.

Liam Gallagher lived up to his douchebag reputation last weekend while enjoying the executive box at Spurs. The whining, whinging Oasis front man was at White Hart lane to see Man City lose to a late Robbie Keane winner. No stranger to controversy and an expert at 'up yours' gestures, Gallagher was politely told to roll with it by security.

Spurs fans taunted the talentless 3 chord wonder with chants of "Your just a shit Chas n' Dave". Chas n' Dave being a cockney, Spurs loving, piano based novelty act, famous for their Tottenham cup final song amongst other gems.

Gallagher responded with two fingered salutes to the Spurs faithful and by giving supporters the 'come on' gesture. What a tough guy.

"What? I'm just living up to my reputation of being a complete dick".

Security quickly jumped in to stop the singer getting himself into trouble. 'Some might say' he was told to 'bag it up'. Where did it all go wrong? (Cringe...Sorry)

Chas n Dave, 'Rabbit, Rabbit'. Liam Gallagher has plenty of that.

'Spurs are on their way to Wembley'. How the mighty have fallen. From the looks of the below video it appears that Chas n' Dave are now playing weddings.

They can't stop em...Listen out for the Arsenal fan at the end.


Nathaniel said...

I thought it was Liam's job to be an absolute twat now?

Bigus Dickus said...

He certainly acts like it is mate. Maybe he could do parties? Rent a twat.

phil said...
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phil said...

He started his little act after Bojinov's equalizer. Came out of the box, starts holding up his hands, the fans start giving him the business, at which point, he points to himself, holds up two fingers, points to the crowd, holds up 1 finger, the holds up the "2-1" as if that will be the final score as he nods his head like the insufferable douchenozzle that he is. As soon Keano slots home the winner, the fans start chanting:

"Liam, Liam What's The Score?"

ΓΌ75 said...

Liam has since been kicked off the Scottish National team. What a shame.

Whizalen said...

perhaps he was just providing his own review of the last Oasis album...

with all the man utd hatred on here, how come there's been no mention of the revelation that Iniesta and Henry will be fit for the final? Although, given henry's big game heroics, this is probably bad news for barcelona fans

phil said...

umlaut, love the Avram pic. Never has he looked more like Herbert Lom than in that pic.