Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Who DID eat all the pies?

I wondered if Shakhtar Donetsk's orange color scheme had anything to do with the Orange Revolution. I had no idea it was like this [When Saturday Comes]
Should MLS use FC St. Pauli as a template? [Soccer Fanhouse]
Rangers FC have two Americans. Can they be the new Team USA? [Rangers Media]
Time lapse video of construction on the RBNY stadium [Red Bulls Reader]

DC United-Real Madrid August 9th [DC United Offside]
Six dirtiest EPL players of 08/09 [WAATP?]
Liverpool themselves have some out against Cohen [Ginge Talks The Footy]
Arsenal away kits revealed [Football Fashion]
How not to coach a youth team in a shootout [Sportress of Blogitude]
Aberdeen's paper-thin hopes of qualifying for Europe just got even slighter. Damn drunk Scots [BBC]

RBNY played their six a side against the Armed Forces on a MFing boat today. Here are some pics [The Offside Rules] and [This is American Soccer]


Matt said...

I have a feeling that the Irish-American population of the US might not like Rangers being "Team USA", or those at least that follow football. Besides, DMB is likely gone this summer.

phil said...

That dirtiest players list is a complete crock. Cahill is the only who truly belongs on there. And maybe Davies, For shits and giggles, my own six dirtiest EPL players of 08/09

6.) Kevin Davies
5.) Jose Bosingwa
4.) Michael Ballack
3.) Tim Cahill
2.) Joey Barton
1.) Nemanja Vidic

epiblast said...

Phil: I think the only reason barton isn't on the initial list is because he's been suspended so much that he hasn't made enough appearances. but every time he finds himself on the pitch he is a disgrace.

Precious Roy said...

God Vidic gets away with so much shit. If he's not in a United jersey he tops that list.

EbullientFatalist said...

If MLS went underground, went punk, that'd be phenomenal. This whole "family-friendly" venue has taken the verve out of the NBA, NFL, and MLB. From what I've seen, the NHL is somewhat getting it back. Soccer isn't a sport where you can sit on your ass for 85 minutes and expect to enjoy the match. FC St. Pauli is tapping into something Garber should closely examine.