Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Really, we're done (for now)

Steven Cohen said some stuff today. We're tired of it all. No further comment.

Generally good guy and soccerphile Ethan Zohn has cancer. We wish him the best in beating it [MSN]
Andrei Arshavin clarifies his comments on women drivers. And then talks about whatever races through his tiny head [The Offside]
Hey Rio, you didn't play, nor were you on the bench. So why did you take a post-match shower? [Kickette]
The real reason Rafa has been so mad at Fergie? [Studs Up]

German youngster signs for Everton. Is David Moyes the EPL's next Scottish overlord? [Setanta]
Ballack must choose club v. country--on the day of the FA Cup final [Guardian]
Of course, he had better have his permission slip from his club, or else he'll be dropped like these guys [Guardian]
Wanna see Carragher and Arbeloa go at it over and over and over? [ONTD_FB]
Five best and worst Eye Ties in English football [SoccerLens]
Originaldo gets a handful [Dirty Tackle]

NYC people, this is a must do. Red Bull New York are going to play 6 on 6 against players from the Armed Forces on the deck of a freaking aircraft carrier. Article implies it will be open to the public [The Offside Rules]


machine gooner funk said...

fuck chelsea but germany's gaffer is a total cunt if he really stops ballack from playing in the fa cup final. i could understand if it was a qualifier but an exhibition tour? thats just totally unreasonable, overbearing, and the definition of douche.

/can't believe i'm sticking up for a member of chelscum especially a cunt like ballack but low is way off base here

Sarah said...

Does Low have the power to stop him from playing for both club and country? Preferably forever? Because that would be awesome.

Arshavin is hilarious.

EbullientFatalist said...

Yulia making Arshavin get a haircut - one shorter than usual - before leaving, so he can wait longer until his next cut, reminds me of what a mom would do before sending her freshman son off to college.

Thanks, Mom.

Teeknuts said...

Between flying his stylist to London, his ridiculous hatred of women drivers, his fashion line, and pretty much all the pictures of him, I'm pretty sure Arshavin is my favorite premier league footballer now.