Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: 1994 comes back to bite you in the ass

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US tourist in Sweden acts out, gets five game ban [Soccer by Ives]
Yeah. LFC fans probably should not have done this [Football Banter]
Liverpool and Arsenal have young'uns tipped by UEFA [Liverpool FC]
Phil Neville's ugly-ass house sold [Daily Mail]

Indian star chose dancing show over club training [The Offside]
Dwayne DeRosario comes out heavily against Field Turf [The 24th Minute]
Looking at the EPL title race in graph form [SPAOTP]
IGLFA World Cup to be held in Washington DC this June. [IGLFA2009]
Giselle Bundchen in a soccer kit. Meh [Futbolita]

NUFC may have found a willing buyer, provided the stay in the EPL. oh well, maybe next year [Guardian]


Teeknuts said...

There's a picture of Amy Winehouse on the side of the Phil Neville story. I almost threw up. When did she turn in to such an obvious transvestite? Seeing Neville's face right before didn't help things either, although at least it wasn't Gary.

Spectator said...

Dear Amy,

The drugs don't work, they just make you worse.


phil said...

Dear UF,



Precious Roy said...

Ckae indeed.