Tuesday, March 3, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Some Beckham Deal Close to Being Dzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [Updated]

MLS seems content to get nothing and like it. Well, they'll get Becks, but for a shorter time and then he'll probably walk.

Milan claims it is currently negotiating an extension of the loan, through June 30. At that point he'll rejoin the Galaxy. Then at the end of the MLS season, Becks will walk for free, as he has the option to opt out of his contract in November. Then he'll rejoin Milan in January when the transfer window opens up.

The Galaxy however are maintaining that Beckham will be back shilling for Herbalife come March 9.

(Oh, and Spectator wants to point out that he called this correctly when nobody else did... Does that mean I have to go dig up the post where we all guessed what would happen?)

[Update after the jump]

Update: As TFA points out below, it is indeed a buy-out clause (although it doesn't seem that there is a figure attached to it in the article). Also, the LA Times is reporting his return date to the Galaxy as July 15. Finally, talk about buying the lead; check out the second-to-last paragraph where it says Becks' next match with Milan is tomorrow in Doha, Qatar. How much more are these friendlies and testimonials worth with Becks in the line-up? Beckham gives Milan even more star power.


Mike Georger said...


The Fan's Attic said...

This is interesting or maybe I just didn't pick up on it in all of the news previously, but it appears that Beckham's opt-out clause isn't exactly free. It's a buyout clause, which would explain Galaxy's hard bargaining.

Spectator said...

Do I have to everything around here??

Becks tries to have it both ways: extends his loan with Milan through the end of the Serie A season, goes back to the Galaxy in May where he plays a knackered, dreadful half season before returning to Milan permanently in November and can rightfully claim he gave it a try in the U.S. but MLS is simply utter crap.

I am a genius!! Although, to be fair, over the weekend I predicted that Chelsea would soon overtake Liverpool in the standings -- not having realized that they had already done so.

The Fan's Attic said...

Well, because we can't let you be 100% right, the article I linked to says Beckham can't return to the Galaxy until July 15. He gets to miss 17 of the 30 Galaxy games. What a deal!!! Then he gets to stay through the time when he can buyout his contract. I can't see this going badly at all. You think some MLS players may want to stick it to old Goldenballs? Just maybe.