Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Liveblog forthcoming

To celebrate our safe return from England, a spot of liveblogging for the afternoon awaits, in which I pray for a miracle at St. James's Park, admonish Geovanni for being a petulant douche (and similarly, for Phil Brown in thinking he's bigger than Jesus), and lovingly document with words things that are happening in an EPL game.

It's better than the real thing.


Eladio said...

Live blog -- woo hoo!

Speaking of miracles, maybe the Bellamy & Robinho-less Blues can upset MOB and the boys.

When is the London weekend recap of debauchery going to hit the interweb?

Eladio said...

My useless predictions for the day:

Man City 1-1 Aston Villa
Newcastle 0-3 Man Utd
Stoke 0-0 SFB
Wigan 1-0 West Ham
Blackburn 1-2 Everton
Fulham 2-0 Hull
Cunts 0-5 M'boro

And for fun:
Rangers 7-0 Inverness Fucking Thistle

The NY Kid said...

I'm starting to wonder if they even went to England. The only picture I saw was from the airport.

Anonymous said...

what's up with geovanni? why does everyone hate him? i was a fan during the start of the season (when hull were good ha ha) but i haven't paid attention to him lately

Ibracadabra said...

re: Corrine

Geo pouts when substituted. Geo is in poor form. Geo thinks he's bigger than his boots.

Eladio -

I think 3 goals in the Blackburn - Everton game is a bit much - I hear the pitch is sloppy and rainy/snowy - so you could be in for a 1-0 there.

The NY Kid said...

I enjoyed "early" Geo when he was producing for my fantasy team. I do not enjoy the new "0 minutes on the pitch" Geo as much.

WhiteSpeedReceiver said...

A miracle at St. James's Park? Like United scoring 10?

Ibracadabra said...

NY- Geo starting today but faces Mark Schwarzenneger - greatest goalkeeper in history.

Lingering Bursitis said...

It's ready. Come on over, folks.

Precious Roy said...

Somehow SWP missed a sure goal. Just wide left as Friedel was dead to rights. Citeh have missed 2 good chances in the last 5. Zabaleta also.

ΓΌ75 said...

About that last one Eladio. Just kidding, right?

(For the record--0-1 ICT)