Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ronaldo Popped in the Eye [Updated]

No, it's not a continuation of the post below. Sorry to get your hopes up.

This is about the tranny-hooker loving Fat Ronaldo. He made his return to the pitch last night, playing for Corinthians in its 2 - 0 Brazlian Cup win over Itumbiara (TambiƩn).

For those of you counting the months, that makes 13 since his knee injury at Milan knocked him so far out of the game he had to return back home.

Such a mediagasm surrounded his return that, after the match, there was an access-seeking melee of "around two dozen reporters" where an errant microphone hit him in the eye.

Pictures (and, man, did we look but were unable to find any) showed his eye badly bruised and swollen.

This is all just a distraction from the real story: Ronaldo ran around for about 22 minutes without collapsing from either A) his own weight or B) (related) his own lack of fitness.

Eurosport described the appearance thusly: "Wearing his favourite number nine shirt, Ronaldo had only a few touches of the ball in an unspectacular debut. It was his first game for a Brazilian club since leaving Cruzeiro in 1994."

We poke fun around here, mostly because we're not smart enough to get away with sincerity and not sound like 14-year-old girls. But we're kind of happy for Ronaldo as many people suspected he was done after the last (his third or fourth) serious knee injury.

The fact that he's not done also makes us happy as it means more jokes about his size and his indeterminate sexual preference.

[Update: Our commenters rule. But, yes, this is the same pic as listed in the comments below.]


Anonymous said...

i found a photo and video :)

The Fan's Attic said...

damn gals are on top of things.

the only professional athlete i have ever been happy to see leave is Karl Malone. I'm not sure if I will feel the same when C Ronaldo shuffles off to footie retirement, but I suspect I will.