Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Super Frankie Catpard?

In an effort to consume your (and our) lives as much as possible, we're on Twitter now. Enjoy.

Good news on the Arsenal front. Theo and Eduardo in the squad for Burnley match [Sky Sports]
And Fabs is only two weeks away as well [Never Captain Nicky Butt]
Liverpool's next sponsor is Bank of America. Do we own them now too? [Telegraph]

Hollywood United put together a fundraiser for Aussie wildfire victims [The Offside Rules]
Former player Eyal Berkovic acts like an American soccer dad [Off The Post]
LA Galaxy will welcome back Landycakes on Tuesday [LA Times]
Norwich City, despite being threatened by relegation to League One, have sold 17,000 season tickets for next year [Norwich Evening News]

Frankie Lampard is super S-M-R-T. So says the Spartak doctor, at least [Eurosport]

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Good to see the Wunderkind and Eddie back. Deepens the squad, adds vitality.

@Georger: I'll be in Charlotte over the next few days - where should I go to watch early morning footie and drink many many delicious pints?

And Twitter? Srsly?