Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Set This on 'Head Games'?

So I used to play poker with this guy named Dennis Wu. Indulge me, here.

I remember one hand where there was like a pair of kings on the flop. Dennis made a bet and I called, then he told me that he had a full house. He out and out announced it to the entire table.

So I'm not thinking about the hand anymore, I'm thinking is "Dennis telling the truth or lying?"

He continues to fleece me on the turn and the river. Sure enough he had a pocket king and had paired the other card, so he indeed flopped a full house. I got A) cleaned out and B) humiliated.

So I know exactly how Mallorca's Martí feels.

The home side was down 2-0 on aggregate entering yesterday's Copa del Rey semi as Mallorca hosted FC Barcelona.

Mallorca had already pulled back one goal when they were awarded a penalty kick in the 56th minute. This is not only huge in the Copa as it would have leveled the match on aggregate, but this could really destroy an already fragile Barcelona and maybe send them into a spin they don't recover from this season. Oh, did I mention that Mallorca was also up a man as Martin Caceres had just been sent off?

Mallorca had Barca on the ropes. They were going to pull even and have 30 minutes with a man advantage.

Then Jose Pinto, Barca's back-up keeper, got into Martí's head.

The fun begins at about 3:20 in the clip below.

Pinto gets Marti's attention. He points to himself then points to his left. He clearly tells him "Hey, I'm going that way."

Martí even nods (although it's not entirely clear if he's responding to Pinto or to the ref signaling him that it's okay to take the kick). If you know the final, you know what happens (and you can probably guess anyway) but it doesn't make it any less awesome to watch.


Mike Georger said...

I don't need instructions, to know how to rock!

That's pretty badass, the forlorn look on the guys face when he is about to take it was classic.

Andrew said...

Prepare for a pride-obliterating bitch-slap.

/Marti Ignignokt'd