Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Really? No one?

Dude totally misplays the handball [Dirty Tackle]
Behind the scenes of US-Mexico. Nine minutes well spent [The Offside Rules]
Russel Brand and Noel Gallagher are teaming up for a footie radio show [TwentyFourBit]
Another damn fine goal from Israel [Never Captain Nicky Butt]

Ladies, this is how you meet your footballer man [Sports Crackle Pop]
Norwich player has to try to convince anyone and everyone that he did not head the ball [Off the Post]
Dean Windass would rather be on the bench at Hull, thank you [The Sun]
Raise your hand if you knew Karlsruhe and Stuttgart were not fond of each other [The Beautiful Game]

While they may have scored four today, Tottenham have no players willing to take a penno [The Spoiler]


Mike Georger said...

Russel Brand is a West Ham fan? I don't know if that raises or lowers my opinion of him. Though I couldn't imagine listening to anything non musical involving any of the Gallaghers. Cunts.

mallymoodle said...

Hey UF! You were wrong - England made it to the semis of the Hottie World Cup!

Of course, they also look like they're going to crash out. I suppose some things are true in virtual life as well.